Farewell Harbour

We caught up with managing partner of Farewell Harbour Lodge, Tim McGrady to find out why our graduates fit so well in the remote wilderness resort guide roles.


Do you feel like our students are certified, confident and knowledgeable with industry standards when they come to work?

We love hiring Westcoast Adventure College (WAC) graduates because they are well rounded with a great skills set. They are also just generally good humans. Students come with a high level of first aid training and a strong passion for sharing knowledge about the natural world.”

Farewell Harbour offers a large diversity of activities that include marine focused bear and whale watching, sea kayaking and heli hiking. Successful graduates leave the program with all commercial certifications needed to lead any of these tours, making them incredibly versatile.

What is it about WAC students that makes them great employees for you?

The marine focus of the program is a huge benefit. Having the interface between marine and terrestrial is critical for our guides. WAC students are more in touch with the tides and currents and have a great passion for the marine environment. It’s obviously a program that motivates and excites them. That energy is channelled directly to their performance in the field.

Are there any exceptional employees/ graduates that come to mind? 

“Marlie Temple is one of our all stars. Her enthusiasm for nature, particularly marine ecology is infectious. In 30 years, she is one of the best guides I have ever worked with. We are really happy to have her as part of our team.” Check out Marlie’s bio here.

“Kelly Hovind is one of our solid support crew and has been essential in keeping the place running smoothly. The guests all rave about him, we are lucky to have him on the team.” 

“Kennedy Callow has been a great fit in our new project at Alder Bay. She played a pivotal role in launching our new adventure program.” 

“It has been a great benefit to connect with the college and look forward to future collaborations. Whatever you guys are doing, keep doing it.”

Farewell Harbour Lodge is found in the heart of the Broughton Archipelago and the southern border of the Great Bear Rainforest. In 2020, reflecting their dedication to providing ethical and quality wildlife experiences, they were voted TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice. Make sure to check out their activities and employment opportunities.