British Columbia’s premier Adventure Tourism College. We ensure the highest level of experience and skills required for today’s  Adventure Tourism industry.

Adventure Tourism is the fastest growing sector of the Tourism industry, and there is a worldwide shortage of qualified and experienced professionals to fill these jobs.

  • Would you like to work in the adventure and beauty of the natural outdoors?
  • Would you like to spend your days in exciting places where the gifts of nature are given to you everyday?
  • Would you like your job to change with the seasons or follow the sun?

If this is for you, then join us and get your career in Adventure Tourism!

The Westcoast Adventure College is the place for people interested in careers in Adventure Tourism. Many of our Grads now have leading jobs in the industry. Our students gain the knowledge, skills, confidence and experience to succeed, working in the Adventure Tourism industry in both Land and Marine based operations. Students also get to meet the leaders of the tourism industry through visits to companies, projects, Work Experience and as volunteers at the Tourism Industry Conference.

Level II Certificate Program

Our Level II Certificate program exceeds the Provincial Adventure Tourism recommendations, both in courses offered and in total instructional hours.

The College focuses on our natural market advantage; what we can do best in this geographic area, combined with what existing Adventure Tourism businesses do.

The focus is also Global, ensuring that the Courses and Standards delivered are acceptable and desirable beyond western Canada.

In providing students with the learning opportunities in Adventure Tourism which allows and encourages students to achieve a standard of excellence in their coursework. It is our belief and responsibility to ensure that, upon graduation, our students will be in demand for their knowledge, skills and experience acquired during the programs.

Each year Adventure Tourism operators and businesses from around BC, across Canada and from other countries, contact the school to recruit their staff. In the last year our grads have been working in the Arctic, the Antarctic, South America, Australia, Europe, as well as Canada and BC.


Westcoast Adventure Colleges’ mission is to provide knowledgeable, confident, certified graduates who are sought after in the industry.

Providing a blend of local and national certifications, experience and outdoor leadership training and risk management skills. Through a variety of learning environments, scenario-based situations and leadership styles, we give our grads a competitive advantage for employment in the Adventure Tourism industry.

Our Goals:

  • To deliver holistic education in Adventure Tourism for business application across the spectrum of the Tourism industry.
  • To offer courses which are certificate-based and which are accepted or required in the Adventure Tourism industry.
  • To offer courses which focus on current and future Adventure Tourism business structures, designs and applications.
  • To develop Leadership throughout all areas of the Adventure Tourism program.
  • To instill comprehensive and consistent Safety Awareness, and sound Risk Management skills in all aspects of the program.
  • To provide a safe, adventurous learning environment that offers the guidance, support and encouragement students need to succeed.
  • To create a learning environment that promotes sharing of each student’s motivation, background, perspectives, interests and strengths.
  • To help students extend themselves and their experience, and discover what they can achieve, through challenging experiences in the field and in the classroom.
  • To offer students opportunities for personal growth through sharing, reflection and by playing a significant role in their learning, and the learning of others.
  • To teach a sense of responsibility and commitment to protecting and preserving the environment.
  • To encourage critical and constructive assessment and evaluation of current Tourism Practices in our region and around the world.