Policies & Procedures

Admissions/Registration Policies & Procedures

Students who wish to apply to Westcoast Adventure College Ltd (WAC) should:

  1. Review the Admission Policies and Procedures;
  2. Submit an Application;
  3. Review the Registration Policies and Procedures

Admission Policy

WAC will admit applicants to the College provided that:

  1. they are Canadian citizens, landed immigrants* (Landed Immigrants are required to provide proof of Landed Immigrant status) or have a valid Student Visa, and
  2. they are 18 years of age or older by December 31st of their first academic term OR they possess a grade 12 graduation from any recognized institution.

*For purposes of admission, landed immigrants include those international applicants who have applied for permanent resident/landed immigrant status and who have in their possession appropriate documentation. The categories are:

  1. Convention refugees who are designated as such by the federal government and who possess a letter from Employment and Immigration Canada confirming this;
  2. Domestic workers possessing a valid employment authorization permit;
  3. A person under an international exchange, scholarship or fellowship agreement where there has been joint approval by WAC and the Ministry of Advanced Education, Training and Technology.

Admission Process

Upon receipt of an application, the Admissions/Registration office will (within six weeks) acknowledge receipt of the application and advise the applicant of any outstanding admission requirements and the deadline for submission of these requirements.

Applications are processed in order of receipt and are reviewed:

  • to ensure application forms have been completed correctly;
  • to determine if applicants satisfy the College’s admission policy;
  • to determine if admission requirements are attached;

Admissions/Registration will notify applicants in writing of receipt of their application (within six weeks of receiving the application). This written notification will include any further steps the applicant must complete and the deadline(s)* for completing those steps. *it is the student’s responsibility to ensure those deadlines are met.


  1. Students must use their legal name on all application forms.
  2. British Columbia Secondary School students must provide their Personal Education Number (PEN) on their application form. This will facilitate the transfer of their grade 11 and 12 grades to the College. Note that the PEN number will be used to measure student participation in postsecondary education and for program research and evaluation but any personal information disclosed for these purposes will be in non-identifiable form.
  3. The College does not accept responsibility for the cancellation or discontinuation of any program, course or class of instruction that may be necessary as a result of an act of God, fire, labour problems, lack of funds, or other similar causes.
  1. Application

Application Deadlines

Applicants are accepted year-round from qualified applicants. Acceptance of an application does not guarantee enrolment, as registration is dependent upon seat availability.

Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis and registration dates are assigned based on date of receipt of application.

Note: Applications may be suspended prior to application deadlines if the maximum number of applications received has been reached. 

Application Submission

All prospective students must:

  1. complete an application form;
  2. provide official transcripts of previous education or proof of age if 4 years out of high school and;
  3. meet the College admission policy and specific admission requirements (prerequisites) 

Application Procedure

Applicants should first read, and clearly understand, the academic and nonacademic requirements for the program. Questions regarding the program or courses should be directed to Academic Director.

Applicants must complete an application for admission and:

  • attach official copies of all secondary and/or post-secondary transcripts* or other documentary evidence showing completion of the admission requirements.

*All transcripts submitted become the property of WAC and will not be returned to students. 

Application Categories

Qualified applicants are those who have completed all admission requirements and are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Generally, the earlier the application is submitted, the greater the opportunity to be offered a seat in the next intake and the better chance the student has of success in their studies.

Transfer Credit Assessments

Students who have completed post secondary studies or professional certification at another institution and wish to apply for transfer credit should do so at the time of application to WAC. The transcripts must be submitted with a non-refundable evaluation fee of $50.00 (per request) for transcripts from BC post-secondary institutions and professional certifying organizations, and/or $50.00 (per request) for transcripts from post-secondary institutions outside of BC. A full evaluation of those records in relation to the student’s educational goal will be undertaken by the Academic Director for courses in which students received a “P” (50%) grade or higher, transfer credit may be awarded.

To apply for transfer credit, students must:

  • complete an application for transfer credit form;
  • attach official documents and the transfer credit evaluation fee;
  • submit the request to the Academic Director
  • await receipt of a written evaluation (generally mailed within six weeks to eight weeks).

Transfer credit is defined as credit for a WAC course formally granted for equivalent course work completed at another institution. The credit granted is recorded on the WAC transcript, but the grade is not calculated into the Grade Point Average (GPA).

Make-up courses for program completion may be necessary if core courses have not been completed.

Please note that the awarding of such credit may reduce the number of courses required in each semester of a program to a level that may affect eligibility for financial assistance or for scholarships or bursaries.

Note: Applicants with more than one request are recommended to collect all documents and submit them together. Requests made at a later date will be subject to another evaluation fee.

Prior Learning Assessment

Westcoast Adventure College recognizes that adult learners have acquired many skills from their life and work experiences, which may be equivalent to college level learning. The College program works on an Integrated Learning model where course work within subject areas are synchronized across multiple subjects. Due to the interconnectedness of the classes, the College is unable to offer advanced standing or exemption from any courses. 

Language Proficiency Assessment

A students who does not speak English as their first language must complete an interview, either in person, via telephone or other means, with a staff member prior to attending the course. Acceptance to the course is conditional on the staff member deeming their language skills sufficient to not affect the learning of the other students.

Registration Deposit

Students are required to pay a $250.00 registration deposit at least three business days prior to their registration date. This registration deposit will be applied to the total fees for the program

Note: Admission to WAC is dependent upon academic and other prerequisites and upon the availability of seats.

Registration in the programs is completed by the payment of all fees (may be paid by cash, cheque, Interac or money order, by published deadlines.

While WAC will make every attempt to provide realistic deadlines, the College cannot accept any responsibility for delays resulting from Canada Post.

Applicants who are unable to accept their seat may defer their seat one time.

Registration Priority

Seats will only be offered to students once they provide proof of satisfying admission requirements (provided seats are still available). Further information will be provided at the time of application.

Audit Registration

Students auditing courses must meet the following requirements:

  1. Must satisfy course prerequisites. Given permission of the Academic Director, however, students may audit courses without satisfying course prerequisites provided:
  • such students are not registered until after all eligible students have been given an opportunity to register;
    • such students are not assigned a grade other than audit;
  1. Must pay the same fees as students enrolled in courses for credit;
  2. Cannot use an audit grade as a prerequisite for other courses;
  3. Will not have an audit grade calculated in the GPA;
  4. Will change to audit during the first 25% of first term;
  5. Will be expected to attend classes regularly. No assignments are expected, no examinations are written and no grades are assigned.

Students wishing to change their enrolment in a course to audit must officially notify the Academic Director.

Enrolled students can only change to Audit during the first 25% of the first term.


It is each student’s responsibility to attend all classes. If a student does not attend and does not contact the instructor within two working days following the missed class with a satisfactory explanation, continuation in the course may be denied. If a student does not attend classes and does not officially withdraw (via the Academic Director) as per the Refund Policy set out by the PTIB, he or she will be required to pay all outstanding fees as per the Refund Policy set out by the PTIB, will receive no further service until the fees are paid and may receive an “F” grade.

Student Responsibility

Students are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of their program at the College, and they must:

  • check the accuracy of their registration
  • ensure fees are paid by published deadlines;
  • ensure that the Academic Director has their current address and telephone numbers on file at all times;
  • ensure the Academic Director has proof of prerequisites on file for course registration; 

It is each student’s responsibility to ensure their complete high College records (usually grades 10, 11 and 12) and any post secondary records are on file to avoid being withdrawn for lack of prerequisites.

Note that students will not receive credit and grades if they have not paid fees in full.

Those students planning to transfer from WAC to another postsecondary educational institution are advised to consult with the Academic or Field Skills Director or the institution to which they are transferring in order to confirm suitability of their courses, gather information on quotas, grade point averages, or other admission requirements.

Change in Registration

Students should refer to College’s refund policy in the Fees and Financial Policy section

Withdrawing from the Program

Withdrawing from the program can only be done after submission of a written (and signed) application for withdrawal and a meeting with the Academic Director.

The Directors will require documentation to support any request for withdrawal on medical or compassionate grounds.

Refund Policy (as set out by the Provincial Training Institutes Brach (PTIB))

  1. A student may be entitled to a refund of tuition fees in the event that:
    a) The student provides written notice to the institution that he or she is withdrawing from the program; or
    b) The institution provides written notice to the student advising that the student has been dismissed from the program.
    The written notice of withdrawal or dismissal may be delivered in any manner provided that a receipt or other verification is available that indicates the date on which the notice is delivered.
    The notice of withdrawal or dismissal is deemed to be effective from the date it is delivered.
    The refund to which a student is entitled is calculated on the total tuition fees due under the contract. Where total tuition fees have not yet been collected, the institution is not responsible for refunding more than has been collected to date and a student may be required to make up for monies due under the contract.
    If the institution has received fees in excess of the amount it is entitled to under the student contract, the excess amount must be refunded.
  2. Refunds before the program of study begins:
    1. If written notice of withdrawal is received by the institution within 7 days after the contract is made, and before the commencement of the period of instruction specified in the contract, the institution may retain 5% of the total tuition and fees due under the contract to a maximum of $250.
    2. If written notice of withdrawal is received by the institution 30 days or more before the commencement of the period of instruction specified in the contract and more than 7 days after the contract was made, the institution may retain 10% of total tuition only due under the contract to a maximum of $1000.
    3. Subject to Section 6a)1. above, if written notice of withdrawal is received by the institution less than 30 days before the commencement of the period of instruction specified in the contract, and more than 7 days after the contract was made, the institution may retain 20% of the total tuition only, due under the contract to a maximum of $1300.
  3. Refunds after the program of study starts:
    1. If written notice of withdrawal is received by the institution or a student is dismissed before 10% of the period of instruction specified in the contract has elapsed, the institution may retain 30% of the tuition due under the contract.
    2. If written notice of withdrawal is received by the institution, or a student is dismissed after 10% and before 30% of the period of instruction specified in the contract has elapsed, the institution may retain 50% of the tuition due under the contract.
    3. If a student withdraws or is dismissed after 30% of the period of instruction specified in the contract has elapsed, no refund is required.
  4. Where a student did not meet the institutional and/or program specific minimum requirements for admission through no misrepresentation or fault of their own, the institution must refund all tuition and fees paid under the contract, less the applicable non-refundable student application or registration fee.
  5. Where a student withdraws or is dismissed from their program, they are entitled to 100% refund of any as-yet to be received consumables that have been pre-paid.

Where a student withdraws or is dismissed from their program after receiving technical equipment from the institution free of charge:

(a) The student must return the equipment unopened or as issued within 14 calendar days; and

(b) If the student fails to return the equipment as set out above, the institution may deduct the reasonable cost of the equipment from any amount to be refunded to the student.

Refunds owed to students must be paid within 30 days of the institution receiving written notification of withdrawal and all required supporting documentation, or within 30 days of an institution’s written notice of dismissal.

Where the delivery of the program of study is through home study or distance education, refunds must be based on the percent of the program of study completed at the rates as set out in Section 7 above.

Student File Restrictions

If a restriction has been placed on a student file, the Academic Director will not undertake any transactions until the restriction has been removed. The College cannot be held responsible for any consequences that result from the restriction. The consequences affect the issuing of official transcripts, registration

services and processing of applications for admission, etc.

There are several reasons for placing restrictions on student files; and restrictions are initiated as a result of:

  1. The submission of a dishonoured cheque or money order for payment of fees
  2. The non-return of books, materials or equipment
  3. The non-payment of fees

Compassionate Leave of Absence

If there is a death of an immediate family member and a student has to be absent from classes, students should notify the College by contacting any of the Directors. 

3. Student Records

Notification of Grades

It is the responsibility of instructors to notify students of their grades. Generally, instructors will post grades on the noticeboard in the classroom. Grades will be posted using Student Numbers. Students will also be able to check their grades with the Instructor. Grade verifications will not be mailed.

Official Transcripts

An official transcript is a complete and unabridged academic record of achievement at the Westcoast Adventure College for each student. As such, it is a private and confidential record, which can only be issued or released upon written authority of the student. Parents, relatives and friends may only request copies of official transcripts with the student’s written approval. It is therefore the student’s responsibility to ensure that the “Request for Official Transcript Form” is completed. Transcripts must be requested and paid for prior to production. The current fee for each copy of an Official Transcript is $25.00 which must be paid in advance of transcript production.

The following notes are issued for students’ general interest:

Most colleges and universities require two copies of official transcripts. One is for the Admissions Office and one is for the appropriate Faculty.

Most colleges and universities will not accept official transcripts carried by the student. To be considered official, they must be mailed directly from the College to the college or university.

Those institutions that accept official transcripts directly from students insist that the envelope carry a seal that remains unbroken.

Official transcripts will not be issued for a student whose file has been flagged.

Repeating a Course

If a course is repeated, the grade for each attempt will be recorded on the student’s Permanent Student Record (transcript).

Only the highest grade achieved, however, is included in the cumulative GPA computation on the student’s transcript. Students are cautioned that other institutions may include both grades in the GPA computation. Those students planning to transfer from WAC to another postsecondary educational institution are advised to consult with the institution to which they are transferring in order to confirm the method of GPA computation.

Confidentiality of Student Records

Westcoast Adventure College regards the information contained in a student’s permanent record as personal and private. Therefore, no transcript or other personal information about a student will be released except in the following circumstances:

  1. Information released to the student;
  2. Information released with the written authorization of the student;
  3. Information, pertaining to delinquent debts owed by students to the College, released to the College’s collection agents to facilitate recovery of such debts;
  4. Information released in response to a court order;
  5. Information, pertaining to delinquent debts owed by students to the Canada Student Loan program, released to the government’s collection agents to facilitate recovery of such debts;
  6. Information released to government departments for the purpose of statistical analysis and research, provided there is an assurance of confidentiality.

Please refer to the College’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy policy statement which can be found in the WAC Academic Policy and Procedures

College Credentials

All WAC programs leading to a credential/professional certification have gone through a rigorous approval process. The College issues the following types of credentials:

Westcoast Adventure College Certificate / BC Adventure Tourism Level II Certificate: acknowledges completion of an approved program equivalent to one year of full-time study.

Professional Certificates: acknowledges completion of the syllabus as laid down by the certifying body and achieving the specified passing grade if required.

Allow up to six weeks after the end of exams for documents or certificates to be produced and mailed.

Credentials can only be issued upon written authority of the student. Parents, other relatives and friends can only request a copy of a the College certificate or other professional certificates with the student’s written approval. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure completion of the “Request for Credential Form.” Original certificates and diplomas are issued free of charge, but a fee of $5.00 will be required for each duplicate credential.

Note that credentials will not be issued for a student whose file has been flagged.

Timelines Governing Completion of Programs

The College cannot guarantee that courses will be available for students to complete graduation requirements beyond the time limit of twice the normal length of the program. The required courses for students taking their program over an extended time would normally be those in effect at the time of original program registration. If program changes result in removal of any of these courses, the Academic Director may approve the substitution of other appropriate courses such that the student may complete the program. Students who are unable to complete their studies within a period twice the normal length of the program may be required to repeat certain courses, to complete additional courses or to follow a new or revised program of studies in order to graduate.