Eagle Wing Tours

Eagle Wing Tours is a leader in marine tourism and has been voted Victoria’s #1 whale watching adventure company by Trip Advisor  for the past 15 years. They have set the bar for education and environmental stewardship in the industry.

Nathan Bird is the general manager of Eagle Wing. We asked Nathan what it is about Westcoast Adventure College (WAC) students that makes them great employees.

“Frankly, we prefer hiring WAC graduates above everyone else. They come with all the certificates, they come knowledgeable and confident in their skills and have a great work ethic.”

“We are essentially looking for a unicorn to be part of our crew. It is a rare person that has all the required technical skills to work on the water, has passion and knowledge to share about the marine environment and has a personality that can deliver all of that to guests. WAC graduates have all these qualities and more.”

Have you had any really memorable WAC graduates or have current graduates that we can connect with to complete the loop in our connection projects? 

Derek Sterling, Peter Zelen, Sierra Hamilton are some of our best hires from the program.

Derek has been a certified naturalist and crew for over 15 years and is one of the senior staff at Eagle Wing. He is also a guest instructor at WAC for our marine mammal course.

Peter graduated in 2014 and started working in the Eagle Wing office. Since then, he has worked his way to a role as captain and trainer for new crew.

Sierra graduated in 2017 and began working for Eagle Wing as a naturalist. She is now a captain-in-training.

Although tourism in Victoria is largely concentrated from June – October, Eagle Wing uniquely strives to create year-round positions for their staff. Career progression and education are high priorities for the company. Check out their career opportunities and start thinking about the adventures of a lifetime.