Below are answers to the most common questions asked. If you have any questions or concerns that the site doesn’t answer, please contact us and we will provide you with the answers!

  • What gear and equipment do I need?

    We try to keep our equipment list to essentials you will use throughout the year and as a guide in the future. Check out our INFO PAK for required gear. Keep in mind, it is not required that you have all the gear before the beginning of program. During the first couple of weeks we will visit local outdoor equipment stores and often receive discounts.

  • Can I ladder into other programs?

    The different levels of Adventure Tourism programs in BC have been designed to allow participants to exit into the workforce as sought after employees at any level, but then to re-enter other programs to gain further qualifications up to degree and post grad level.

  • Do you allow people with disabilities into the program?

    This would have to be discussed on an individual basis, but participants have to be capable of participating fully in all the activities of the program.

  • Is this program recognized outside BC?

    Yes, BC Adventure Tourism programs are recognized for their excellence around the world. Our program is Accredited with the PTIB and we are part of the Provincial Articulation process for BC Adventure Tourism programs.

  • Can I apply for the course if I am waiting for student loans?

    Yes you can apply for the course, but please be aware that all cheques will be cashed for the first payment on July 1st, and student loans usually don’t come through until after the course has started.

    Please ensure that you will have sufficient funds available to pay the first payment in your account, failure make payment will result in your place being offered to the next applicant on the waiting list.

    Please ensure to also have sufficient funds for food and accommodation, as well as any gear you may need to purchase before starting the program, as relying on student loans may cause some difficulties.

  • Can I take some of the courses separately?

    Unfortunately not. The college runs on an Integrated Learning System, whereby material from other courses is blended in to each class. However, we do offer Community Recreation Courses that will draw on some of the material from the classes if you are interested in a certain aspect of the course.

  • Do you provide accommodation?

    We do not provide accommodation, but there are many apartments and suites available for rent in the Victoria and Sooke area and we try to provide information and contacts.

  • Are there costs on top of tuition?

    We provide all textbooks, most are on loan, some you get to keep.

    There are a few extra costs, such as some books you may like to have, and some personal equipment. Allow approximately $2,000 CDN, as well as your own personal expenses such as rent, etc.

    See our Program Fees for more details.

  • How long is the course?

    It’s a FULL-TIME course that runs from September to May – 8 months (with a break for Christmas)

  • How do I get there?

    The easiest way is to fly into Victoria International Airport, but you can also fly to Vancouver and take a ferry across to the island.

  • Do I need a car to get to the college?

    It is not necessary to own a car to be able to get to the college. There is a public bus stop right opposite the college with a direct connection all the way to downtown Victoria, and students will be able to get reduced rates on bus passes with their Student ID cards. As some classes will be taking place in parks around Victoria, some of which are not easy to access by public transport, it is up to students to ensure they are able to attend classes. We strongly encourage ridesharing on days outside of the classroom, even for those students that do have cars as there can be limited parking in some locations.

  • Do you accept International Students?

    Yes we do! Once they have been Interviewed, Accepted and have received their Acceptance Letter, International students will have to obtain a Study Visa through CIC. Visit CIC for more info.