Sean Thompson

Sean Thompson was one of the top graduates from our professional guiding program in 2018-19. Sean had a unique perspective into entering adventure guiding. Unlike many students, Sean came from the background of being a business owner. The Adventure Clothing store has been a successful family business since 2000 for the last 21 years.  “When clients ask me why I am doing this job, I say I am following my dream because I want to not because I have to.”

Motivations for choosing WAC 

“One of my goals for taking the program was being able to move from making decisions alone based as a business owner to developing my decision making in a team environment. As I learned, the celebration of achieving a goal with a group is greater because you get to share the victory.” Something I have now been able to do at Adventure Clothing. Seeing the bigger picture and sharing the decision making has been very rewarding. 

Why wilderness guiding is the best!

“One day, I am fuelling the boats at Knight Inlet, and I kept thinking here I am working to adventure and explore. I get paid for doing what I love for fun. My favourite part is that I get to share those experiences with people who have never done it before.  I also found a fantastic community of like-minded colleagues that get the same joy of wildlife and nature as I do.” 

Meaningful and challenging

All great things come with challenges.  Sean is not only a guide but also a father and husband. “Working away from my wife and kids is hard but I feel really fortunate that my family is so supportive. The key to my success is to have a plan and work with my employer to make a commitment that allows me to keep a balance of both worlds.”

What guiding training provides 

“What helped me achieve these goals were the lessons I learned from my training at Westcoast Adventure College. I have used every one of my certifications and skills we covered over the 8 month program. The instructors help us take our passions and translate them into industry level skills. Our heritage interpretation and leadership courses especially prepared us for presenting our knowledge to groups. It was a skill I did but never liked, now it is something I really enjoy. The progression and practice is gradual and prepares you to think on your feet and deliver great explanations to our guests about the natural world.”

With his knowledge and experience paired with his adventure tourism training, Sean has made a fantastic addition to the Westcoast Adventure College team. In 2021, Sean has been an assistant instructor for our college expedition evaluations and leads our youth training program. Check out our youth programs at