K - Sea Kayaking

A 117 Hour Course, within our 920 Hour Program!


Scot Taylor
Samuel Yates

Course Description:

This class introduces students to the world of sea kayaking and guiding. Students will start off in the calm bay at the college, learning basics, and then will progress to rougher waters as the skills required to be safe in varying conditions become consolidated. They will learn a variety of strokes, rescue techniques and will be given opportunities to practice leading a group. Students will also be given the chance to experiment with a variety of kayaks and paddle shapes to find out what best suits them. Once they are ready, students will have a chance to practice leading a group for a full day, where they will have to display good route choices, group management and deal with a variety of scenarios


  • Safety
  • Seamanship
  • Leadership and group management
  • Kayak strokes including edging, turning, draws, and bracing
  • Kayak rescues including wet exits, partner rescues and self rescues
  • Navigational skills specific to coastal travel, including chart reading, use of tide tables,
  • Interpreting marine weather forecasts,
  • Route-finding while underway and compass use.

Learning outcomes:

Upon completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Show a forward stroke, backward stroke, draw stroke, high brace, low brace and brace turns
  • Demonstrate a variety of partner and self rescue techniques appropriate to various conditions
  • Be confident in a variety of different conditions
  • Comfortably be able to maintain a speed of 3 knots or more
  • Show good leadership
  • Plan and execute kayak trips in coastal areas


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