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HI - Heritage Interpretation

A 70 Hour Course, within our 1005 Hour Program!

Heritage Interpretation


Krista Gooderham

Course Description

The art of interpretation goes beyond providing facts and information to your guests. It is the skill of creating a connection, a sense of place and a new lens in which your clients can explore the natural world.

During the 40 hour Heritage Interpretation course we will cover the coastal and forest ecology of British Columbia and learn key principles in effective and engaging nature and cultural interpretation. Topics will range from sea to sky, including but not limited to marine mammals, marine invertebrates, coastal plants, trees, mushrooms and birds. Throughout our lectures and field trips you will gain experience and knowledge on the art of presentation and public

Learning Outcomes

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • Understand the role of the interpreter and be able to create an experience for clients that connects the group to the environment they are exploring.
  • Understand and define the key concepts for effective and engaging nature interpretation.
  • Identify major components in different ecosystems (pelagic, coastal, intertidal and forest),
    including key species (birds, mammals, trees etc).
  • Create a personal resource portfolio for a variety of field trip situations.
  • Develop short presentations on a variety of topics relevant to local areas (beach explorations, forest walks, coastal paddling).



Throughout the year students will create a personalized interpretation portfolio. It can include species and habitat information, stories, legends and histories about local areas. It is meant as a resource that can be taken into the field as a complement to formal field guides.

Guided Forest Walk

In pairs, students will become lead guides for the group. Lead guides will be given locations in order to plan and map out an appropriate route prior to trip day. As the lead guides, your goal is to create an informative and engaging field trip for your “clients” that includes natural and cultural history of the area. These trips will be part of the First Term Evaluation trip.

Final Presentation

Students will have many opportunities throughout the year to present to the group on a variety of topics. The final presentation should be the culmination of all that experience (well-rehearsed, engaging, informative and creative).


Each topic will have a short quiz to test knowledge and understanding. Topics will include bird calls, plant and tree ID, marine invertebrate ID. Dates are to be determined in the second term.

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