LC - Leadership and Communication

A 69 Hour Course, within our 920 Hour Program!


Samuel Yates

Course Description:

A career in guiding requires the ability to work effectively with a variety of clients, co-workers, working environments, and professional practices. The intent of this course is to introduce the broad range of skills that encompass group leadership and group management, and begin to enhance each student’s personal effectiveness in challenges they will face while dealing with group dynamics. Students will also learn the basics of teaching to help them facilitate activities that require some guidance from the leader. Experimenting in the role of leader and follower will help the student gain a true understanding of how groups form, interact and work through a process to reach a goal. During the course, students will research, experiment in and develop communication, leadership and followership understanding and skills, allied to working applications.


  • The four different styles of leadership
  • Communication
  • Cooperation
  • Team building
  • Problem solving
  • Conflict resolution

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the communication process
  • Display listening skills
  • Analyze communication within groups
  • Describe roles within groups
  • Demonstrate effective public speaking
  • Participate effectively in briefing and debriefing
  • Understand perception and self-awareness
  • Demonstrate verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Describe leadership attributes and styles
  • Demonstrate a variety of leadership styles
  • Understand cultural similarities and differences
  • Understand group development and facilitation
  • Understand fear and its effects on perception and reaction
  • Describe the difference between judgment and intuition




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