Krista Gooderham is a captain, a biologist and an outdoor science educator. Her teaching philosophy encompasses experiential learning that leads to inspired growth and positive change. Her primary focus is to provide opportunities for students to make lasting connections with the environment that enlighten, provoke, and inspire critical thinking about our planet.

After completing a Masters in Biology and several field seasons as a wildlife researcher, Krista began developing her own field-based courses for natural history and ecology. Currently, she works as a natural history and nautical training instructor for Westcoast Adventure College as well as a marine biologist and captain for the youth programs S.E.As (Sailing Educational Adventures) and Broadreach. These programs integrate science curriculum and experiential learning to teach college and high school students about coastal and ocean ecology and conservation.

Krista has spent years as a captain, wilderness guide and search and rescue team member. Working in highly changeable environments such as coastal British Columbia, northern Ontario, the Bahamas and the Sierra Nevadas, Krista is extremely skilled in risk assessment and group management in unpredictable conditions. She has a high level of medical, rescue and survival training that continue to provide safe and healthy learning environments for her students.

As an avid cold water diver, rock climber and traveller, Krista’s insatiable spirit for adventure has brought her to the far corners of globe seeking inspiration that only time spent in the elements can provide. Some of her most pivotal moments were found while climbing in northern Thailand and sailing around Haida Gwaii in a 75 year old wooden boat. When not working, you can find her in the forest, in the ocean or hanging from a cliff around her home on Vancouver Island.