Victoria Kayak

Victoria Kayak Tours is a locally owned and operated, family run business operating for 25 years in Victoria’s Inner Harbour.  Here is what owner/operator, Joanna Twa had to say about our graduates.

“WAC and TALE students have always been my best hires.” 

Do you feel like our students are certified, confident and knowledgeable with industry standards when they come to work?

“Definitely.  We are a Level One operation so they are very qualified and use us as a stepping stone to future opportunities.  They all ooze confidence and have a passion for what they do.  They are able to jump right into the job with minimal training.”

What has been the biggest asset in connecting with Westcoast Adventure College?

They apply first (January) and use Phil as a reference so I know they are going to be good.  They have always come to me, I have never had to advertise.”

What is it about WAC students that makes them great employees for you?

“They are excited to use what they have learned and we create an environment where they can grow and flourish.  They are highly trained (safety first) and so have the confidence to work on their interactions with clients and customers.  Capable of running things on their own and great team players.”

Have you had any really memorable WAC graduates or have current graduates that we can connect with to complete the loop in our connection projects?

  • Alaina McNeil – 2014 – 2016
  • Alex Doucette – 2014
  • Nic Coutinho – 2014
  • Emma Livingstone – 2015 – 2019
  • Rebecca King Jones – 2015 – 2016
  • Josh Readshaw – 2017
  • Sophie Poirier – 2017
  • Gareth Sandner – TALE – 2017 – present
  • Bella Nguyen – TALE – 2021

Be sure to check out Victoria Kayak Tours for an incredible experience on the water.