Westcoast Adventure Colleges’ mission is to provide knowledgeable, confident, certified graduates who are sought after in the industry.

Providing a blend of local and national certifications, experience and outdoor leadership training and risk management skills. Through a variety of learning environments, scenario-based situations and leadership styles, we give our grads a competitive advantage for employment in the Adventure Tourism industry.

Our Goals:

  • To deliver holistic education in Adventure Tourism for business application across the spectrum of the Tourism industry.
  • To offer courses which are certificate-based and which are accepted or required in the Adventure Tourism industry.
  • To offer courses which focus on current and future Adventure Tourism business structures, designs and applications.
  • To develop Leadership throughout all areas of the Adventure Tourism program.
  • To instill comprehensive and consistent Safety Awareness, and sound Risk Management skills in all aspects of the program.
  • To provide a safe, adventurous learning environment that offers the guidance, support and encouragement students need to succeed.
  • To create a learning environment that promotes sharing of each student’s motivation, background, perspectives, interests and strengths.
  • To help students extend themselves and their experience, and discover what they can achieve, through challenging experiences in the field and in the classroom.
  • To offer students opportunities for personal growth through sharing, reflection and by playing a significant role in their learning, and the learning of others.
  • To teach a sense of responsibility and commitment to protecting and preserving the environment.
  • To encourage critical and constructive assessment and evaluation of current Tourism Practices in our region and around the world.