Pacifica Paddle Sports

Pacifica Paddle Sports is one of Vancouver Island’s premier kayak companies.  Here is what owner and operator, E-J Frederiksen had to say about our graduates.

Do you feel like our students are certified, confident and knowledgeable with industry standards when they come to work?

Yes, they are certified and fairly knowledgeable. As new guides, they need to improve on confidence in leading. We have given training, and for this year’s two grads, the most noticeable areas of improvement were navigation and stage presence.

What has been the biggest asset in connecting with Westcoast Adventure College?

We appreciate being able to do interviews locally, instead of online, like with other colleges. We can trust the level of training WAC provides. I also really appreciate the honest student reference checks that are right on target.

What is it about WAC students that makes them great employees for you?

We appreciate having students familiar with greater Victoria, with awareness of other marine businesses in our area. Students who understand the broader tourism industry, and how it functions makes them more aware of how and why our business is structured as it is.

Have you had any really memorable WAC graduates or have current graduates that we can connect with to complete the loop in our connection projects?

Rae (Rachel) Boudreau graduated a handful of years ago. She worked full time for us a couple summers, then went to guide up island. Scott Bowman did the same, but he continued to more varied roles, and now works with the Coast Guard. Both have returned to help us with some shoulder season guiding.