Moresby Explorers

Moresby Explorers is a locally owned and operated marine wilderness tour company in Haida Gwaii. One of the best ways to experience the “islands on the edge” is through small boat access. Moresby Explorers is one of the top companies to get you there.  We reached out to owner, Ollie to connect about what he loves about adventure tourism and what makes a good guide.

How did you get into guiding?

“I studied Adventure Tourism Management in New Zealand. That led to work in New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Uk and then Canada.”

What is the best part of your job?

“The guests. We are extremely lucky on Haida Gwaii. The people that are attracted to this magical place are always so attentive, interested and up for adventure!” 

Having thoughtful guests also helps cultivate healthy and respectful connections to the environment. Haida Gwaii is remote and not called “the islands on the edge” for no reason. The archipelago feels the full force of the Pacific, especially its storms. The rugged and exposed nature of the islands are challenging for logistics and operations for any company. Deep respect and a high level of skill are needed to navigate these waters.

As an owner, “the most challenging part of my job is understanding what people need for them to thrive. This includes staff, customers as well as other operators”.  The tourism industry is small here so cooperation is important. You never know when you or your boats might need a helping hand.

One of the most important attributes of a guide is the desire to learn. The ocean and these islands always have lessons to offer. What do you think makes a great guide?

“A good guide can handle the technical aspects of the job but a great guide has the soft skills to connect with people and communicate how incredible this part of the world truly is”.

In her first season after graduating at WAC, Chelsea St. Louis joined the Moresby Explorer team.  Do you feel like our students are certified, confident and knowledgeable with industry standards when they come to work?

Yes. As much as they could be without significant practical knowledge. Chelsea had a good level of professionalism and understood customer service and risk management. She is a huge asset and an exceptional addition to the team.” 

We are also really proud of Chelsea. Check out her bio to learn more about her journey and what lessons from the program helped her succeed in one of the most challenging environments on the coast.

Visiting Gwaii Haanas can be a ‘once in lifetime’ adventure. Check out Moresby Explorers for an incredible marine experience.

*Photo credit RedBikeMedia