World-record Breaking Swimmer Campaigns for Ocean Life

Mr. Lecomte was the first person to swim across the Atlantic Ocean without a kickboard. This fall, he plans to swim across the Pacific Ocean from Tokyo to San Francisco on a five-month mission. The 8,850-kilometre odyssey will take him through the Pacific trash vortex, a collection of chemicals, plastics and other debris trapped by currents in the North Pacific.

Dr. Peter Ross, director of the ocean pollution research program at the Vancouver Aquarium, said his colleagues on the west coast of Vancouver Island have photographed more than 200 sea lions with packing scraps and fishing nets tangled around their bodies.

Mr. Lecomte is currently fundraising for his swim. He will follow the same routine as his Atlantic swim, which he completed in 1998 – he will swim for eight hours a day, then eat and sleep on a boat that will accompany him throughout his journey.

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