Happy World Orca Day!

People who work outdoors are the best people. They are the helpful people everyone looks to on a long weekend camping trip to start a fire. In the rain. They are the people who keep the canoe away from the rocks in the middle of the river. They’re the people that, like us, think getting qualified to spend your life working outside, and getting paid for it, is the dream.

That’s the dream that the Westcoast Adventure College offers.

The Adventure Tourism industry has grown at a rate or 65% each year since 2009. That’s huge. Probably only matched by ironic mustaches. Canada itself is specially situated; in 2010 Canada ranked third overall in all the developed countries for it’s position in Adventure Tourism, sharing the podium with New Zealand and Switzerland.

The beauty of Adventure Tourism is that it lets you pick your own adventure. It’s like those “Choose Your Own Adventure” kids books, where as the reader you get to decide what the protagonist does next. But instead, the story is your vacation and you are the hero. Instead of flying through space, you’re ziplining through it.

Or, in honour of World Orca Day, how about a sea kayaking adventure here on beautiful Vancouver Island? For six days, The Great Canadian Adventure Company will guide you through the the Johnstone Strait, in search of Orcas. They provide the camping gear, sea kayaks and instruction; and you provide a passion for adventure. And sunscreen.

The Great Canadian Adventure Company has been providing adventurous vacations since 1997, and prides itself on the quality instruction its knowledgeable leaders provide. Exactly, the type of skills that Westcoast Adventure College sets you up with.