Careers in Adventure Tourism

We think you’ve spent enough time sitting behind a desk. We know that learning doesn’t just happen while staring at a chalkboard; and we’re over the whole PowerPoint thing. At the Westcoast Adventure College, only about a fifth (or less!) of the course hours are spent in the classroom. The rest, are in the field. Literally. Or in the water, in the sky, on the mountain. You get the picture.

The desire for adventure is more prevalent than ever!

Take it from The Adventurists, they advocate for “Anti-Progress.” They think that cell phones and maps have made our society boring and predictable. “As The Adventurists like to say – if nothing goes wrong, everything has gone wrong.” A little reckless perhaps, but you get the point. They organize country-wide races on dilapidated cars,and motor bikes in the name of adventure. Also in the name of charity, so far, they’ve donated over 5 million pounds to charities in the UK.. “Life on Earth has become dull. Bollocks to that” the header on their website proclaims.

There is an influx of extreme adventuring tourism that is attempting to fill the void for the sixty to seventy per cent of our lives that we spend sedentary. MAPTIA, is a group that invites visitors to its website to take a pledge to “Let curiosity be my guide… and let the journey unfold before me.” In a society where planning is paramount, people are seeking out the organized chaos that travel tourism offers. W.A.C. is teaching future leaders of this industry. We set you up with industry partners that lead to careers doing what you love. A career where the weather report is your traffic report. You don’t have to be sponsored by Nike anymore to spend your life running around outside.

“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” – Dorothy Parker