Welcome to the Class of 2015

We’re excited to send out a huge welcome to the class of 2015! We can’t tell you how thrilled we are to have you joining us. WAC alumni, John Czornobaj said it best when he wrote that: “If you have what it takes, commit to a life of adventure and you will never look back.”

We’re pretty happy to say that we think our entire class has exactly what it takes. It’s up to you though to supply the motivation, the dedication and of course, the sweat.

Don’t be surprised on the day that you accidentally give your well packed backpack and favourite water bottle each a name. Or when you turn the car around on a trip to the beach for your Ten Essentials Kit. Or when you start idly practicing your rope tying skills. Don’t overthink it when the phrase “Safety First” isn’t met with groans and eye rolls.

But most of all, don’t ever get over the excitement of the fact that you are creating an alternative, lifelong lifestylefor yourself. While you’re neglecting the “business casual” side of your closet, you’ll be learning what it looks like from behind the lens of the adventure tourism industry; and exactly where you will be fitting in!

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