Codey Cudworth

Attended WAC in 2011-2012…

3. How did WAC help you get to where you are today?

 WAC helped me on so many levels. Not only did it give me the skills to get into the industry and succeed at a high level but it gave me life skills and helped me become a better stronger person .

3. How did WAC change your outlook on the adventure tourism industry?

WAC changed my outlook on Adventure Tourism because it taught me so much of the behind the lens aspect of things . As a guest you don’t think of how dangerous the activity your doing actually is and you think your guide has the easiest job in the world. However, hes thinking of a million different things on what could go wrong and how to keep a guest safe with out them even realizing it.

 4. What was the most valuable lesson you took from WAC?

WAC most valuable lesson in my opinion is how much they drive safety into you and show you how important safety is and the good thing is the safety part of things rubs off you for when your not working and in your own personal life. You think twice before going for a paddle or hike alone . You let someone know.

5. Are you still in contact with other alumni from the course?

Yes almost everyday! Myself and 4 Alumni are actually doing the Juan De Fuca trail at the end of January!

6. What would your advice be for others who are interested in joining the college?

If you are stuck in a rut in your life and need a serious life changing decision go to  Westcoast Adventure College and it will open your eyes up to so many new paths and change you as a person forever. It did for me and I wish it was a two year program so I could go back and keep on enjoying life the way I did last year.