Avelynn Anderson

Avelynn graduated WAC in 2013.

What have you been up to since you graduated?

“I’ve just started working for Community Living Victoria and Teen Community Connections. This position in relation to the studies I took with WAC were essential in me getting this job.  I will be working with teens with developmental disabilities and going out in the community doing various activities (Swimming, Summer Camps, Bowling etc.).

“I also worked at Adrenaline Zipline Adventure Tours and it was amazing!  It’s the best job I’ve had and couldn’t have gotten it with out my experience from WAC.  I will hopefully be returning this upcoming season, and look forward to another great summer.”

What training from the program has helped you the most?

“All the fun stuff! I’m beyond grateful for the knowledge I possess now due to Scot, Phil and Bryan. With my first aid and risk management skills I gained from WAC it gave me the extra edge in getting this position.”