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MED A2 - Marine Emergency Duties

A 35 Hour Course, within our 1005 Hour Program!

Marine Emergency Duties


Phil Foster

Recognized by Transport Canada, students completing this course receive credit for both MED A1 & MED A2. This four-day course is designed to provide safety related skills associated with commercial boat operation and ensuring the safety of passengers. Students will increase knowledge of hazards associated with the marine environment, develop skills to assist passengers to survive in an emergency, and learn to maintain safety equipment and keep safety records. Includes pool time (life rafts, life jackets and immersion suit practice) and practical experience at the DND Nautical Firefighting facility.


  • Hazards & Emergencies
  • Firefighting
  • Emergency Response
  • Lifesaving Appliances & Abandon Ship Procedures
  • Sea Survival
  • Sea Rescue
  • Maintenance and Inspection of Emergency Equipment
  • Passenger Control

Learning outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the hazards associated with the marine environment and their own vessel, and of how to prevent shipboard incidents including fire.
  • Raise and react to alarms and deal with emergencies.
  • Provide assistance in fire and abandonment situations.
  • Assist in their own survival and rescue.
  • Maintain emergency equipment, according to manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • aintain the appropriate record-keeping procedures for safety equipment.
  • Keep passengers safe and give them the assistance needed to survive an emergency.
  • Plan, organize and carry out safety drills with the passengers, in order that the passengers will be aware of safety equipment and procedures.

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