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AWRFA / MFA - Wilderness / Marine First Aid

A 110 Hour Course, within our 1005 Hour Program!

Wilderness / Marine First Aid

Course Description:

Students will achieve both a 90 hour Wilderness First Aid as well as a Transport Canada approved Marine First Aid Certificate. This course gives students a comprehensive overview of land and marine first aid and emergency response concepts, knowledge and practices necessary when guiding in remote locations. Along with first aid practices, students will also learn a variety of evacuation techniques to be able to safely transport casualties to access points for situations where access may be difficult and transportation to a medical facility not immediately possible, as well as long-term patient care techniques.

Course Particulars:

Components: Classroom = 15 hours : Field = 65 hours (approximations)
Certificate requirement: minimum 75%

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, students will:

  • Effectively administer Basic Life Support (A – B – C – D – S)
  • Learn how and when to activate services such as EMS (9-1-1), RCC, Poison control, etc., in urban, remote and wilderness locations
  • Build effective communication links at the scene and with other services
  • Effectively complete a physical examination to determine the nature and extent of an illness, condition or injury
  • Assess and record the condition of a casualty from a deterioration – stabilization – improvement perspective
  • Manage effectively soft and hard tissue injuries to promote healing and recovery
  • Recognize and prevent environmental stressors from creating secondary complications and exacerbating existing conditions at the scene
  • Recognize and understand common medical conditions and treat appropriately
    Become knowledgeable of first aid supplies and related equipment, use them appropriately, and learn how to improvise with the resources available
  • Learn how to deal with emergencies as a leader, manager, follower, and bystander, and recognize these roles and their effects on casualties and responders
  • Learn how to extract, evacuate and transport a casualty by land and water
  • Engage in real time scenarios that may involve multiple casualties and / or multiple responders, observers, bystanders and difficult people
  • Experience emergencies in the dark, near or on the water and on difficult terrain
  • Discover methods of communication when language, sight, hearing, mental disabilities or other potential barriers are present
  • Develop a sense of empathy for others at the scene for both short and long term planning of the situation
    Effectively apply emergency response practices in a variety of situations

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